BIRDS OF PASSAGE - Without The World

Birds Of Passage - Without The World

12 songs
51:03 minutes


Frail looking, chain smoking poetess Alicia Merz from New Zealand has decided to put some music to her lyrics and is pushing the sadcore genre to new extremes. Her debut album Without The World has been released under the name Birds Of Passage and contains twelve tracks of utter bleakness that feature her hushed voice backed by bare synth lines, occasional acoustic guitar and at times other assorted instruments.

Poetry must really be an excruciating business down under, or how can you explain that Birds Of Passage sound so gloomy and depressing? Her music sounds like Sigur Ros or Talk Talk stripped of the virtuoso instrumentation, leaving you with chilly soundscapes that paint a backdrop for the lyrics which are in this context probably more important.

I have never been a strong admirer of the finer arts, and therefore are left somewhat clueless after listening to Without The World. Ms Merz’s ethereal vocals certainly have a haunting quality to them, but it takes a strong gut to make it through the fifty minutes of the record without facing a sudden death wish. Art lovers should choose the vinyl edition which comes with the 36 page poem collection A Garden Of Secrets.

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