BLACK ABYSS - Angels Wear Black

Black Abyss - Angels Wear Black

10 songs
46:19 minutes
***** *


Angels Wear Black is the third album by the German dark power metal band Black Abyss. Black not only seems to be their favourite colour, but their traditional power metal contains darker and more extreme parts than that genre usually does, although their overall sound isn't too different from the current fashion. Take a combination of early Eighties Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian, and you'll know more or less what to expect. The only difference is that the guitars are often much harder and even have at times a thrash attitude. That's the argument why Black Abyss are sounding fresher than most of their German power metal colleagues. My two favourite tracks on the album are the two thrashers Pure Evil and Rebellion. Most other songs seem to be well done for power metal, which unfortunately isn't my favourite kind of music. There are faster tracks like Damnation and Unholy War, but also mid-tempo tracks like Shadows Of The Past and the title track. Without considering the speed of the songs, Black Abyss are always melodic and heavy at the same time. The only song which really caused an earache was the amateurish sounding I Don't Care.

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