BLACK CANDLE - Lead Me To The Tombs

Black Candle - Lead Me To The Tombs

10 songs
43:08 minutes
***** ***


Remich is a small village at the river Moselle where tourists can promenade along the Esplanade or take a trip on the Marie-Astrid boat. But they should beware to get back inside their hotels after sunset, because there is a whole different reality coming true in Remich, especially on full moon nights. After four years of absolute silence, Luxembourg's black metal legend Black Candle is back with a new album, hand-numbered to 500 copies. Lead Me To The Tombs is the brainchild of Lord Simon, the prince of darkness from East Luxembourg, and after being a member of German black metal band Pagan Winter, he is back with his initial band and a fourth, self-released album.

Strip the intro and the outro, and we are left with eight high quality old school black metal songs that may enjoy the low budget production values from Darkthrone and Immortal classics, but apart from that, Black Candle are an experienced band that is smart enough to add surprisingly melodic lead guitar, haunting keyboards and end the regular part of the album with the ten minute epic Into Comfortable Darkness, a song that is much slower than their regular, often blast-beat, tracks, and conveys an atmosphere of psychedelia. The remaining tracks are more traditional, but again Lord Simon surprises with two songs sung in the Luxembourgish language: An d'Raaten... and Dir sidd all Dreck. The title track sounds like a Norwegian early Nineties black metal band covering a German mid-Eighties band, no surprise considering that Black Candle already started in the early- to mid-Nineties.

Lead Me To The Tombs is without a doubt the best black metal band ever to have been released by a local band. It spits in the face of commercial melodic black metal yet never makes the mistake of dismissing melody altogether. Such a fresh approach couldn't have been expected from this band. Welcome back, Black Candle!

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