Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed

10 songs
36:25 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


When you think Detroit, you normally would think also General Motors, Kiss and Al Bundy. That there is more to motor city than this is proven by death metal newcomers Black Dahlia Murder. As if straight from a wormhole to Sweden, this five-piece is blasting ten songs (one of which is an intro) in under 40 minutes and make you remember bands like At The Gates, The Crown,...

This means that Unhallowed is a good piece of Sweden death (made in the USA, though), with the perfect combination of speed and dark melodies. You can only blame the band for not being that original, and making it hard for the reviewer to write much about it.

If you're into fast and technically perfect death metal, then Unhallowed is for you. Don't expect anything new though, just expect good hard metal. 7 unholy points.

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