BLACKFILM - Blackfilm

Blackfilm - Blackfilm

10 songs
57:36 minutes
***** ***


Originally released on a Greek label two years ago, Blackfilm’s eponymous debut album was quickly sold out. Convinced that this high quality output should be available to more people, Denovali Records decided to give it another go, this time on CD and on double vinyl.

According to his very spartan presence on Myspace, Blackfilm is a London based artist, which makes more sense than Greece, as his music is infused with a subzero chilliness that couldn’t possibly come from a Mediterranean based person. The name Blackfilm speaks for itself: the music is dark, cold and has a strong soundtrack quality to it. That in itself wouldn’t be remarkable, but Blackfilm is first and foremost an electronic manipulator, deftly programming beats with strong trip hop and subdued drum’n’bass tendencies. He’s smartly moving between the different genres, alternating string based experimental film music with complex drum patterns and the occasional spoken word sample.

Where many soundtrack based musicians rely on their audience to lie back and enjoy what is happening, Blackfilm definitely demands more attention of his listeners. The first time you might still feel a little alienated and maybe even irritated, but once you have decoded his modus operandi, you will be amazed at his intelligent structures and well chosen sounds. Blackfilm’s electronic music is truly food for the brain!

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