Black Majesty - Sands Of Time

10 songs
55:31 minutes
***** *


Black Majesty are a newcomer metal band from Australia. Most harder Australian band were inspired by AC/DC or Rose Tattoo, but Black Majesty sound very different from that. The opener Fall Of The Reich (which was featured on a Rock Hard Unerhört newcomer compilation CD) makes me think of Queensryche, a band that started its career with Queen Of The Reich. What a strange coincidence! Or just a way of paying tribute? The following songs on this debut may be classified as classic power metal, too. Without an exception, all songs are very melodic and bombastic, definitely suitable for fans of Vanden Plas or Edguy. I even have to admit that singer John Cavaliere is one of the best ones of his genre. And the choruses often composed of several vocal lines are quite remarkable. Sands Of Time is also taking advantage of a solid sound production. So far, so good. There's absolutely nothing new and original on Sands Of Time, though. I really wonder who needs Black Majesty when there are several equivalent originals. But if you think that you need a huge power metal collection, Black Majesty should be considered to be part of it.

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