BLACK MESSIAH - Of Myths And Legends

Black Messiah - Of Myths And Legends

11 songs
51:48 minutes
***** ****


Black Messiah were founded in 1992 as a pure old school black metal band. After several line-up changes, the band began including classical and folk elements into their songs. Time went on, the band logo changed into a more readable version and the meanwhile third album Of Myths And Legends is a masterpiece of pagan metal.

The album starts with a monumental intro before segueing into the title track, a combination of black metal, melodic and folk parts which points the way to the following tracks on the album. Irminsul is extremely fast played black metal with violins, quite an unusual approach. The tempo slows down on Father Of War, a song with some Russian folklore parts. Sauflied is a funny and entertaining medieval metal track, but maybe placed on the wrong album. Howl Of The Wolves is for fans of symphonic black metal while Eric, der Rote again presents the faster and rougher side of black metal. Loki's Tanz is an instrumental traditional played on violins followed by Die Sühne des Feuerbringers, a more classic black metal track. The album's highlight is Moskau, a cover version from Dschinghis Khan, an awful European song contest relict from the early Eighties. No one can say that black metal and humour are incompatible to each other. The album ends with The Bestial Hunt Of The Fenrizwolf which is a cool combination of black metal and Russian folklore.

Black metal is a music that can be quite diverse if combined with other musical styles. Black Messiah are open minded and have released one of the most interesting and refreshing black metal albums I've been listening to for a long time. And another important fact: in the booklet, Black Messiah write that they despise people who use Nordic and Teutonic symbols for extreme right wing trash. And that's a message that deserves respect.

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