BLACK MESSIAH - The First War Of The World

Black Messiah - The First War Of The World

13 songs
64:39 minutes
***** ****


Black Messiah who have been around since 1992 are one of Germany’s longest serving black metal bands. In the beginning, they were influenced by the genre’s more primeval pioneers like Venom, Bathory and Celtic Frost, although later on their music became more complex by integrating elements of North and East European folklore into a very varied brand of black metal. Their predecessor Of Myths And Legends from 2006 did this already very successfully, and the new The First War Of The World doesn’t fare worse.

The new record deals with the first war of the world. Black Messiah don’t mean the World War I from 1914 to 1918, but the first war in northern mythology between the Æsir (Odin, Thord) and the Vanir (Njörd). Compared to their previous record, Black Messiah have become even more epic, and not only the storyteller who turns up three times give the CD a certain Manowar flair. Nonetheless Black Messiah have their own identity and convince with wonderful arrangements that see raw black metal collide with folk sounds. Using real folk instruments (flutes, violins, balalaika) adds to the sound’s credibility. The album contains more than constant riff attacks. Bombastic moments on The Battle Of Asgaard and Burn Vanaheim guarantee the record’s versatility. Other highlights on this exceptional album are Das Unterpfand which is rather melodic and offers many tempo changes, and the nearly ten minute long Andacht that builds from a quiet Eastern European folk song into a veritable monumental epic. More fun can be found in Gullveig and Söldnerschwein that transform Black Messiah into the metal version of Dschingis Khan.

The First War Of The World fulfilled all expectations and has become once again a great album. This is music that invites you to fill your drinking horns and let yourself relentlessly go.

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