Blackmore's Night - Ghost Of A Rose

14 songs
60:20 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Ghost Of A Rose is already the sixth album by Blackmore's Night, a band featuring former Rainbow and Deep Purple guitar player Richie Blackmore and his girlfriend Candice Night on vocals. On this CD they present a fascinating combination of rock, pop, folk and medieval melodies from the 16th century. Blackmore considers his songs as a homage to renaissance music and also uses medieval instruments like a violin, a hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, pennywhistles and lots of other acoustic instruments. The songs also reflect the different moods people where sharing during that age: There are funny melodic tunes (3 Black Crows), but also sad songs (Queen For A Day), romantic ones (Ghost Of A Town) and some about mystic themes (Cartouche, Ivory Tower, Loreley). The album also contains two cover versions by Joan Baez and Jethro Tull, two artists who were inspired by folk music, too. Very funny is All For One, a traditional which was already interpreted by Bots (7 Tage lang). As I like Blackmore's guitar playing and Night's voice, and I'm also very fond of medieval stuff, I like this CD very much. Although some songs are too calm for my taste, I have to admit that the album is a very good mix of past and present in music.

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