BLACKNESS - Dawn Of The New Sun

Blackness - Dawn Of The New Sun

14 songs
61:07 minutes
***** ***


There has been a thrash metal revival lately, and Lyon based Blackness is certainly a band adhering to its purest old school form. The band released its debut Crush…Unleash The Beast in 2001. Dawn Of The New Sun followed one year later. Now we get a new edition of their second album with three bonus tracks. As the band is currently working on their third CD, I suppose that this move is meant to shorten the waiting time.

Even though Dawn Of The New Sun is already five years old , it has passed the test of time, due to the fact that it’s free from any trendy musical influences. Blackness haven’t come up with anything new, but their interpretation of thrash metal is sounding as authentic as it used to be about two decades ago. The opener and title track is a brutal thrash metal song that works well as a furious start into the album. Saturday Night Killer is even angrier and contains some Slayer like riffs. Slain The Disdain shows again that Blackness never intend to lose any time and Angel Of Flesh overwhelms with an artillery of perfectly timed guitar riffs. Last Breath is a less noticeable track, but surprises with melody lines that remind me of Testament’s Over The Wall. Blackness take care to avoid monotony on this album that also contains a well rendered cover version of Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades and even one track with Portuguese lyrics, the native language of their singer Pedro. The interaction between the two guitar players on Realm Of Dreams could even make the Iron Maiden guitar tandem jealous.

Dawn Of The New Sun contains everything you should expect from an above average thrash metal album: powerful riffs, raw vocals, harmonic guitar lines, lots of solos and maximum speed are the recipe for this record. It hasn’t any chances to win a prize for originality, but thrash metal veterans will enjoy every single moment of this great piece of music.

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