Black-Out Beauty - Horrortrip

4 songs
15:26 minutes
***** ***


Luxembourgish metal band Black-Out Beauty was founded in 2006, but I must confess that I didn’t really pay too much attention to them until now. This may be because despite playing a lot of live show, most of them took place in the smaller clubs that I don’t frequent so much anymore. They also recorded already a couple of demos, with their third one being the first one I got my hands on.

My first impression was the close neighbourhood to bands like Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse, although upon closer inspection I discerned many additional elements. The band labels their music as psykecore, which must mean their mixing of different styles. The songs are played at a brisk pace and feature screamo parts and grunts as we are familiar with from the metalcore and grind genres. Furthermore Black-Out Beauty put a lot of emphasis on tempo changes and unusual breaks which gives their music a very lively touch. On the short opener In The Mouth Of Madness, the accelerator is pushed hard to the floor. The following Chuck Norris starts with a noise orgy but surprises soon after with a loungy jazz part before the band is once more fiercely thrashing on. One Step To Insanity is a wonderful hectic chaos track. The final Corpseater takes advantage of countless tempo changes and a funny interlude in between.

Black-Out Beauty have proven on Horrortrip their potential to the fullest. In 2010 they finally want to tackle their first longplayer, and I don’t doubt for a second that they are already ready for it. Further experience must have been gathered as opening for Six Feet Under and Ill Disposed’s European tour. I am convinced that in the near future Black-Out Beauty will play an important part not only in the local metalcore scene.

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