BLACK RAIN - Black Rain

Black Rain - Black Rain

9 songs
58:25 minutes


The problem with Black Rain from France is that they are sitting between two chairs. On the one hand they have a bass player called Heinrich who looks like a rock’n’roll nazi, and song titles like Gods Of Metal and No Life Till Metal, the album’s only songs that are shorter than five minutes and at the same time highlights of the self-titled debut album, you could get the impression that we have to deal with a continental Spinal Tap clone.

With the remaining songs all clocking in between six and eight minutes, Black Rain are overdoing themselves, and while it works on the dynamic opener Kill ‘em All and on the two aforementioned short tracks, the remaining six songs are rather a chore. When the band plays fast, they remind of very early Helloween when Kai Hansen was still their vocalist, and that’s fine. But their more epic material and especially the ballads Winterwind and Everything Goes Up In Smoke are rather unbearable, as the band just lacks the experience to work that kind of music out without having to use clichés.

If Black Rain had delivered an album with the quality consistence of their first three songs, and if they had cut the average length of their lengthy material by about two minutes apiece, this would have been quite a tremendous debut. Let’s hope they learn for their second album which they seem to be working on already.

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