BLACKSHINE - Lifeblood

Blackshine - Lifeblood

11 songs
38:16 minutes
***** *
Dockyard 1


I've already been listening several times to Blackshine's Lifeblood, and I still don't know what I should think of this album. They are a really bizarre band as they have for instance only released three albums in eighteen years of band history.

The music is a mixture of melodic thrash metal, some gothic parts and a bit of Ozzy Osbourne hard rock. Somehow these styles don't really fit together. The album isn't boring or annoying and I have already heard a lot of worse bands. But I could name here probably the same amount of better bands I know. The album doesn't contain any smashers or hits and just leaves a somehow average impression. Some better tracks are the slower Unbroken which sounds like Megadeth's A tout le monde and the two old school thrash tracks (Second Rate Blasphemer, Denial Of Pain) at the end of the album. The production really isn't too bad, but that's not enough to save this mediocre album.

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