Black Thoughts Bleeding - Stomachion

12 songs
40:04 minutes
***** ***


German quintet Black Thoughts Bleeding is still rather new in the music business and have just now released their debut Stomachion. Even though the youngsters are not really acting innovatively, they still have reason to be proud of their product. Thrash, death metal and metalcore are combined dynamically in order to allow the record to entertain from beginning to end.

A short, acoustic intro is followed by Bloodred Struggle which instantly shows that the band is not taking prisoners. The mix of metalcore with some emo sounds incredibly cool. The next two tracks, My Past, Your Fault and their single Beloved Vampire, are much more straightforward and should appeal more to the thrash faction. Other pieces have a stronger metalcore weight and remind rather of Caliban and Neaera. Fat breaks and strong grooves transform Nothing Changes into something special. My favourite moment comes with Fade To Light which surprises with strong melodies and also a few quieter parts. It’s undeniable that Black Thoughts Bleeding put a lot of effort into their album. The songs all contain a lot of breaks and tempo changes, the vocals offer enough variety with screams, growls and clean singing parts.

Stomachion is by all means a highly promising debut. This band deserves to be kept in sight. I can imagine that their live shows are just as, if not even more exciting. Who knows what these young Germans are capable of in the future?

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