BLACK TRIP - Goin' Under

Black Trip - Goin' Under

8 songs
34:16 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


The debut album by Swedish heavy rock band Black Trip was originally released on a small label in late 2013, but Steamhammer must have been so convinced by what they heard that they decided to give it another go under more favourable circumstances nine months later.

And it is high time that Black Trip finally reach bigger audiences, considering that they have been around since 2004, letting their fans wait for nearly a decade until the first longplayer was ready. But it was worth it! It is well known that no one can rock better than the Swedish, and Black Trip are no exception, even though I rather have the impression that they are more inspired by British music. Goiní Under is a great retro heavy rock album that could as well have seen the light of day in the late Seventies or early Eighties. The quintet sounds as if Thin Lizzy were jamming with early Iron Maiden (Paul Di'Anno era). The songs are very straight and catchy, never lack the necessary portion of power and heaviness, resulting in a very satisfying end product. A special ear catcher is the harmonic interaction between the two guitars that are definitely a nod to earlier times. The only slight faux-pas comes with Tvar Dabla whose weird structures donít really fit in well with the rest of the album. By the way some of the band members used to play in much heavier bands like Necrophobic, Entombed and Enforcer, which underlines once again that these guys are open for anything and also unafraid to do something less complex for a change.

The albumís length is unfortunately a little on the short side. Such timelessly great music could very well have gone on for another quarter hour, and might quite likely have resulted in an even higher rating. No matter what, Black Trip released a great debut with Goiní Under, and I hope that this hasnít been the last that we have heard of them.

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