Bleed From Within - Humanity

11 songs
35:33 minutes
***** *


It doesn’t happen every day that I stumble over a metal band from Scotland. Bleed From Within is a band consisting of five young men that have committed themselves to the deathcore genre and have now released their debut Humanity.

The short and spooky intro is followed by Damnation where the guys combine screamo, death metal and metalcore in such a relentless way that listening alone should make you sweat already. The vocals vary between growls and screams, always fitting the music’s hectic pace. Especially the drummer’s fast performance deserves respect. Unfortunately the Scotsmen have a shortage of own ideas and have exhausted their potential already after five songs. Even when some tracks, like the concluding This Absence, cut back on the pace without giving away any of their brutality, there always remains a stale aftertaste of music that has been done by countless other bands before. Black Dahlia Murder seem to be such a strong influence that Bleed From Within hardly ever dare to leave the mighty shadow of their idols.

Nonetheless Humanity is not a bad record, considering the tender age of the musicians that so far have not had any opportunity to gather experience. One may wonder if this debut hasn’t been released too early. I don’t doubt the band’s hidden potential, but as of now they will have a hard time to get a foothold in the deathcore community.

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