blessthefall - His Last Walk

12 songs
50:20 minutes


blessthefall is a five-piece from Phoenix that was formed in early 2004. After a self-titled EP, the youngsters felt ready for their first full-length record His Last Walk, especially as some of their new songs have been extremely popular on Myspace by reaching about 4 million hits.

This popularity can be explained by the fact that their mixture of indie pop, emo rock and metalcore is quite popular, especially in the USA. The result on this album isn’t too bad most of the time, but then not really spectacular either. Tracks like Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad, Could Tell A Love, Rise Up and Black Rose Dying are the highlights on the CD and don’t have to hide behind established genre bands. But four out of twelve isn’t a positive balance sheet, and it would have been wiser to release another EP instead of an album that’s more than fifty minutes long.

The interaction of throaty screams and melodic singing has meanwhile become a tired cliché. Especially the often wimpy vocal parts on Higinia and Wait For Tomorrow are an insult to the ears. The only point worth mentioning that distinguishes blessthefall from similar emo bands is the excellent guitar playing that resembles often melodic death metal. At the end, the album contains an acoustic version of Rise Up which even contains some decent violin parts.

I don’t say that there is no potential behind blessthefall. On His Last Walk, some songs are smashers, and parts of other tracks are promising. The main problem is the lack of diversity and the absence of originality. Maybe this product is suitable for an American teenage audience, but adults are expecting much more from an emo rock album. blessthefall hopefully haven’t reached their limits yet and I implore them to be more creative in the future.

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