BLIND TERRY - Blind Terry EP

Blind Terry - Blind Terry EP

5 songs
15:22 minutes
***** ***


It must be the weather that makes Scandinavian bands turn their minds towards sad indie music. Blind Terry are a young band from Stockholm in Sweden who stopped at the d:qliq in January this year to perform a one-hour set of bittersweet pop songs. Three tracks were recorded for an extremely limited and meanwhile sold-out CD-EP on the Miami based label Cloudberry, but they had an expanded version available that came with two more tracks.

Blind Terry are very good at performing evocative music full of longing and melancholy, but they are also already expert enough not to drift off into kitsch. The three songs from the original edition of the EP are all three minute excursions into chamber pop that remind of Belle and Sebastian, or also their sister band Gentle Waves, which is due to the charismatic female vocals. The trumpet adds a certain soul and swing atmosphere which helps to distinct Blind Terry from similar bands.

It seems as if Blind Terry have a rule never to veer off too much the three minute border for their compositions, and after four songs that more or less use the same recipe, they end their quarter hour of music with the beautiful piano-and-vocals ballad Things Of Which You Just Don’t Know, which is a suitable conclusion to this first sign of life from this still young Swedish band.

I give them eight points, but hope that for a full time album, they try to work a little on their dynamics. This collection of catchy pop tunes works perfectly on a short EP, but a full length album would take advantage of sometimes maybe more expanding stuff. If they need a template, they can always listen to the debut album by the Elephants which is a perfect showcase of how modern indie chamber pop has to sound. But I am certain that Blind Terry will leave another significant mark on the musical landscape.

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