Blood Duster - Cunt

19 songs
36:24 minutes
***** *
Relapse / Suburban

With most songs clocking in under 2 minutes, and a provocating attitude, Australiaís Blood Duster have invented their very own musical style: psychorockmenstrualgrindporn. Yeah sure, but itís nothing really new. Blood Duster started out 10 years ago, and after nicely named releases like Menstrual Soup and Fisting The Dead, they released two full length CDs. Cunt is their third effort, and itís a hybrid of grind core and stoner rock. The band obviously loved Kyuss, and whenever Blood Duster slow down a bit, they really groove like the Devil himself.

Still I cannot convince myself to give the band more than 6 out of 10. Why is that? I am not a prude, and I like provocation, but I get the stale impression that Blood Duster care so much for the shock effect that they lose focus on their real talent, which is to write good songs. Blood Duster refer on their homepage proudly to the fact that a lot of distributions wonít sell the album because of the name, but the cover artwork looks exactly like Weenís Chocolate And Cheese. So nothing distasteful except for the title which is tattooed on a womanís belly.

If you like rocking grindíníroll (thatís what the style was actually called in the late 90ies), you might wanna check out Cunt anyway. Itís a good album, and the spoken work parts between the songs have the same comical effect that you get on any Mortician album. So now you know what youíre in to.

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