BLOODFLOWERZ - Dark Love Poems

Bloodflowerz - Dark Love Poems

11 songs
42:55 minutes
***** *


In the past, Bloodflowerz have always been a decent gothic metal band and their two albums Diabolic Angel and 7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions always received good reviews on our homepage. The situation will unfortunately change for their third album Dark Love Poems. There has been a break of three years since their last album and quite a lot of line-up changes.

Their new album isn't bad, but certainly not exciting at all. Especially in comparison to their second CD, Bloodflowerz are not ready or willing to take any risks. It even seems that they have made too many compromises for a more commercial approach. The opener Sajida's Song and Queen Of The Freak Show sound like a female HIM and Healing Hearts is a desperate attempt to sound like The Gathering. In order to have something for everyone on the record, it also contains medieval pipes and violins where Bloodflowerz get some support by Schandmaul. But medieval rock and wave/gothic don't fit too well together on these songs (Anthem For A Stranger, The Fool And The King). There are certainly some great tracks like the calmer Illusionary Fields and the melancholic Violent Voices, but some horribly boring ballads like Dark Angel and Dead Love spoil the good impression.

Even if singer Anna Kränzlein has a beautiful name and poses like a vampire on the promo pics, I think that there are a lot of better female metal singers (The Gathering, Within Temptation, Edenbridge,...). The production also could have been fatter and more epic parts would have been a benediction for this record.

I knew that it would be very difficult for Bloodflowerz to top a great album like 7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions. But I'm disappointed because Dark Love Poems is a huge step back for an initially promising band. Let's hope that they will find a way back to their roots.

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