BLOODFLOWERZ - Diabolic Angel

Bloodflowerz - Diabolic Angel

10 songs
45:57 minutes
***** ***

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Bloodflowerz are a real newcomer in the German metal sky. Having a look at the back cover, my first impression was that they must draw strong parallels to Lacuna Coil from Italy. In fact, there are optical similarities between both female singers. Both bands also play a mixture of emotional metal and gothic. Although the differences between both bands are not enormous, I don't like to call the Bloodflowerz a simple Lacuna Coil copy. One reason for this may be the strong songwriting. The opener Fatal Kiss is a faster track and a perfect start into this debut CD. The next song Diabolical Angel is slower and includes psychedelic elements. This song will also be published as a single edit combined with different versions. If you like to compare the Bloodflowerz with other 'metal girlie singer bands', you can say that they are less experimental than The Gathering and more into pop music than Lacuna Coil. The singer has a superb voice. Songwriting and production are great, too. The only less positive point is the partly lack of originality. Even if they don't copy anything at 100%, you have already heard similar things before. But if you like melancholic metal with female vocals, the Bloodflowerz are strong enough to deserve a listening.

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