BLOODLET - Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees

Bloodlet - Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees

12 songs
42:03 minutes
***** ****


Bloodlet have been around for ten years now. I first heard them when they released their first regular CD on Victory Records. Back then, in the mid-Nineties, they were already different from your typical hardcore band. Instead of playing fast old school or groovy new school, they had more of a doomy component to their sound.

Now, 4 or 5 years after their second album, they finally reunited to release their new album Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees, an album that is not too accessible at first, but once you give it a more attentive listen, you'll find that it can be very hypnotising. The music is still very different and original, and you could place Bloodlet today between bands like Today Is The Day and Will Haven. But what makes Bloodlet so unique is their vocalist, who besides emo screaming also know how to sing, sometimes like Mike Patton (I Have Such A Hard Time Making New Friends), other times like Henry Rollins (Learn To Fly: Descent), and surprisingly even like Anthony Kiedis (Worms). Still this is a very dark album, that can make your skin go all goosebumpy. And if you want to have it really wild and entirely evil, listen to the title song and you see that Bloodlet can also play convincing high speed songs.

Considering that the band took only 9 days to record this masterpiece (compared to years of studio times for some major bands), it's an even higher achievement. Production work was done by Steve Albini, which is also a guarantee for a killer sound. If you like the harder side of emo core sounds, then this is an album you have to have at all costs. For a start, you can download 2 songs at the band's homepage for free.

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