BLOODSPOT - Embrace The End

Bloodspot - Embrace The End

11 songs
51:39 minutes
***** **
Finest Noise


Hessian metal band Bloodspot was founded in 2006. After the demo The Demon in 2009, they are now back with their first official longplayer. The guys definitely don’t try to reinvent metal, instead they easily manage to draw a bridge between thrash and death metal.

Usually I don’t like intros, but in the case of In Nighttime, I make an exception with the funny pre-war music that catches your attention. Things become more serious one minute later with the Slayer influenced Breathless which does its title justice. The band can apparently keep up this pace only for one song, as the following material comes in a more moderate pace, without foregoing any of their edginess. They show very maturely that they understand how to build great tempo changes, and the excellently played guitar solos furthermore enhance the overall impression. I want to point out the exquisite Answer My Fall with its nearly seven minute length. Next to cool groovy parts, there is also a high amount of darkness and some flirting with Scandinavian tinged melodic death metal. But also the powerful Unborn and the crawling yet ultra-brutal Heartgore are standout tracks on this CD which mostly contains superb metal songs. I only can’t make sense of the acoustic Venus which concludes the album.

If you are into bands like The Crown, Cataract and At The Gates, you should also have a great time with Bloodspot. They may not win a prize for innovation, but the album is still a solid and lovingly made affair.

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