BOMBEE+ - Beachboys Back From Anchorage

Bombee+ - Beachboys Back From Anchorage

10 songs
37:24 minutes
Sweet Home


They may come from East Germany, but the three-piece Bombee+ is deeply influenced by American singer/songwriter music. That’s not so uncommon for a German band, but Bombee+’s minimalist approach is rather special after all. Beachboys Back From Anchorage was recorded within one week, and it shows. Vocals, guitars and drums are present, but there is for instance no bass guitar, a sad fact which takes some power out of the songs. That would still be something I could live with, but very often the band loses itself in instrumental meditations, making the album feel like a soundtrack for some dusty road movie, and not like a proper songs album after all.

When Bombee+ try to sound like a band, they come very close to Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) or Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), but East Germany isn’t the Great Plains, and incidentally the Karl-Marx-Stadt based band always sounds like a light version of their idols. Especially the vocals never match the gravelly prophet of doom mentality we have come to admire from so many gloomy Americana artists. When the album ends with a seven minute collage, we realise that Bombee+ actually only offered half an hour of music, and even that half hour wasn’t even the nourishment we wanted.

There is potential in this band, but up until this moment they still know how to hide it very well. If Bombee+ concentrate on more concise songwriting on a future album, they should be able to nearly double their score next time. Let’s hope they do it!

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