BOMBEE+ - Bombee+

Bombee+ - Bombee+

11 songs
42:18 minutes
***** *
Sweet Home


Not even one year after their debut, Karl-Marx-Stadt three-piece Bombee+ is back with their this time self-titled album. Expect no too big aberrations from the debut, but I get the clear impression that the band is this time more focussed at work. They still have their trademark minimalist approach, being three sitting people, one playing guitar, one singing and one playing the unusual rhythm instrument cajon which coincidentally sounds like a snare drum. The band’s songs take their charm from le Roeder’s very sensitive guitar playing and from de Flandre’s vocals that at their best bury themselves under your skin. Le Kaiser on his cajon adds a little beat, but very discreetly, so that overall you get the impression to listen to some kind of singer/songwriter music mostly rooted somewhere between mellow Americana and archaic blues.

I have come to get used to Bombee+’s minimalist attitude, and therefore won’t judge them too harshly on not being a typical rock band. That’s not their intention anyway. But again they derail themselves twice, once in the middle of the album on the five minute long Mystic Plus, a gloomy instrumental, and then again, like on their debut, they end the album with a long experimental track. Piets House II is a six minute instrumental that works with effects and atmospheres and has its interesting moments, but in the end you get again the feeling that those two songs are mostly present to lift the album to a longer running time.

If Bombee+ continue the good work and offer next time more songs and less meandering, they can easily improve their rating again. Interesting band that takes some time getting used to.

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