BOOMHAUER - River Run Deep

Boomhauer - River Run Deep

17 songs
42:57 minutes
***** ***


The Finnish garage rock band Boomhauer, who has taken its name from a character of the animated series King Of The Hill, is back with their third album River Run Deep. I am not familiar with their previous CD White Human Condition, but they certainly know how to convince me with their new one.

The first two songs, Elephant Stomp and Twenty, give the album a trashy start, as you would normally expect from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. But don’t expect this kind of dirty retro rock throughout the record, because Boomhauer surprise with incredible variety. There is an obvious liking towards country music, delivered in a charming lo-fi way. Even quiet moments surface at times, making you thing to hear John Denver on Choo Choo Pendolino. Their gorgeous dream pop songs River Run Deep and Ways To Feel Better wouldn’t have seemed amiss on Mercury Rev’s legendary Deserter’s Song. The tremendously gloomy and depressive Crow Fly Down reminisces of Velvet Underground.

River Run Deep is very extraordinary and anything but accessible. But that’s not a drawback here. The broad musical repertoire, ranging from trashy rock’n’roll to introspective country and pop, should appeal to every friend of Jon Spencer, White Stripes and Hives who is ready to invest some time and patience to unlock the secrets of this weird and interesting album.

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