BOOZED - One Mile

Boozed - One Mile

14 songs
40:52 minutes
***** ***
Chorus Of One


Boozed were founded in 2001 by a couple of German teenagers who at first wanted to become an AC/DC cover band. Meanwhile they are writing their own songs, but have stayed true to their roots, with a sound close to Motörhead, Gluecifer and, of course, AC/DC. The fact that they released split-7” vinyls with popular rock’n’roll bands like Flaming Sideburns and Psychopunch should be another hint at the Germans’ stylistic predilection.

One Mile is already the fourth album by Boozed. Initially published by the German label Checkers74, the album is augmented with two bonus tracks (among those a cover version of Marius Müller Westernhagen’s Sexy) on this current Italian re-release. As is customary for regular pig rock, Boozed are whipping their dirty riffs in a straightforward fashion which sounds downright cool. The songs are played at a brisk pace, have often a slight retro touch and sound very Swedish. The only exception is the quieter Easy, an excellent beat song that reminds of the Beatles… definitely an ideal candidate for radio airplay! Boozed also play around with punk, country, blues and glam elements which add even more variety to their music. I want to highlight Next Door, a track which would have fitted perfectly into the setting of the Rock Horror Show. You will have a hard time finding a weak song on this album and may only wonder why the mid-tempo piece One Mile To The Moon is followed by such a long break.

I am not familiar with Boozed’s early albums, but it is obvious that they have long since left their baby years behind. One Mile not only comes with a tight production, but also song material and instrumentation fit perfectly. Even though the album smells like sweat and motor oil, not only rockers and bikers should stay alert for this excellent German rock’n’roll band.

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