Bored Man Overboard - Sinner Song EP

6 songs
25:08 minutes
***** *


What is it with Sweden that this sparsely populated country is spawning one indie pop band after another? Bored Man Overboard are another typical example of that trend. The septet comes with a load of exotic instruments, probably to let them appear more interesting on promotional photographs, because there music doesn’t sound so strange after all.

The title track Sinner Song which is starting off the EP comes with a surprisingly dark sound that is not what you would expect from this Scandinavian country that is normally outputting more sugary stuff. Bored Man Overboard skilfully combine Americana, indie pop and country goth into something which is hard to label. The following A Song For A Bird, with six minutes the longest track featured, begins as a ballad and only halfway through adds some welcome energy. The two middle tracks, When The Prey Realizes It’s Trapped and Since Last April, are more straightforward indie pop rock songs, and then you might as well stop listening, because the two minute instrumental Wounds is quite boring, to say the least, and the concluding Wine is too dark to get my mood up once again.

You can’t blame Bored Man Overboard for not trying. Building a bridge between Swedish indie pop and American country folk has been done before, but is always a pleasure when it works. I prefer the middle part of the EP. The first two tracks are also ok, but the end might as well be forgotten. Let’s hope that Bored Man Overboard will concentrate on their strengths for their upcoming longplayer scheduled to be released January next year.

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