BORN FROM PAIN - In Love With The End

Born From Pain - In Love With The End

10 songs
34:28 minutes
Metal Blade


In Love With The End is the second album by Born From Pain, another metalcore act from The Netherlands. The band name already lets you guess that you may except some clichés, and you will not be disappointed. The opener Rise Or Die is absolute old school NY hardcore. Although the Kerry King like guitar solo is well done, it isn't enough to vitalise this endless seeming song. Well it isn't that long, it's just that the songwriting is so monotonous that I didn't notice the start of the second song. On the third song, the whole procedure is repeated again and again. The vocals are never very articulated, the songwriting is always brutal but never very fast. Born From Pain use some special effects like voice distortions on The New Hate, but they can't avoid a general impression that all you hear on this record is just sounding totally uninspired. Without any expectation, all songs on the record are absolutely old school and everything has already been heard before. Maybe I got a wrong version of the record from the label, but I have the impression that it contains ten times the same song, only the title changes. As there are actually hundreds of metalcore acts, I don't see any reason why the consumer should decide in favour of Born From Pain. Their guitar player is the only musician who seems quite talented and who would be better off with a new band. I have just to say that I like the album title: the part of the record I loved most was its end.

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