Born From Pain - Survival

10 songs
34:19 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Before the release of their fifth longplayer Survival, there had been a lot of trouble within the Dutch band Born From Pain. Some members left the band, even founding member and frontman Che, a substitute vocalist had to quit due to health reasons, so that it was decided that the only remaining original member Rob would switch from the bass guitar to the microphone and that a new four-stringer had to be recruited.

Rob doesn’t fail with his new task and even adds a certain something to Survival which turns out to be a fitting title after all. Born From Pain are cold-shouldering the current metalcore trend and emphasise obstinately their hardcore roots. You get the typical ingredients like a short running time, gang shouts, angry emotions and a total lack of guitar solos. The band is switching elegantly between fast grenades and groovy monsters, proving that they are adept at both ends of the spectrum. I was especially pleased by the dual guitar playing that seems influenced by early thrash metal. Occasional melodic elements are a welcome diversion, and I have no doubts that their new material will work excellently in a live setting, inviting people to shout along. The numerous sampled spoken word parts give the album an atmospheric touch. The lyrics are expectedly political and socially aware, which is anything but a misstep in these often too apathetic times.

Old school fans should adore this CD that sounds as if taken out of the deepest mid-Nineties. It’s a testimony to Born From Pain’s quality that they can still come up with great albums, without having to become a shadow of themselves. Survival is once again a classical hardcore album that is the perfect soundtrack for moshing!

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