BOSCH'S WITH YOU - Defamiliarisation

Bosch's With You - Defamiliarisation

5 songs
59:19 minutes
***** ***


A few years ago, Dima T. Pilot, guitarist of the Russian band Pilots Up In Smoke, decided to have his own solo project Bosch's With You, which over the course of the years turned into a real band. On their third album Defamiliarisation, Pilot was joined by A.B. on guitar, Bubble on bass and Bad_C on drums. As far as I understood, the five lengthy tracks are not entirely new, but comprise together a one-hour suite of improvised material and elements from the band's older songs.

Fortunately, the improvisation factor doesn't really show on the CD, as the music has such a slow development that the band doesn't sound unsure of itself at any moment. This is best illustrated on the twenty-one minute long opener #1 As It Is Bird, where the first ten minutes or so are only the guitars interplaying before the rhythm section slowly joins the party. Bosch's With You clearly have listened to second generation post rock bands like Explosions In The Sky or Mono, and it shows. They lack the symphonic grandeur of Godspeed You Black Emperor, instead the Russians rely on the typical rock instruments: guitar, bass and drums. The very long songs and the sparsity of mood changes make the album probably very unappealing for people interested in concise song structures, but instrumental post rock fans will find much to revel in these psychedelic ambient soundscapes that combine effortlessly driving guitar moments with pastoral beauty.

Defamiliarisation is neither original nor a milestone of its genre, but the uncompromising way with which the artists pursue their artistic vision is rare these days, and make this one of those albums you best enjoy in a dark room, with your mind open for intimate sensations and your phone turned off. Allow yourself a journey into the depths of your mind!

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