BÖWLRIDER - Big Röck Möuntain Highs

Böwlrider - Big Röck Möuntain Highs

12 songs
53:24 minutes
***** *


Brighton rockers Böwlrider really take their heavy metal umlauts seriously: one in their band name and two in the CD’s title should make it clear that they want to rock at least three times harder than Motörhead. Not that this could happen anytime soon, but Big Röck Möuntain Highs is still a pleasant journey into the dirtier realms of rock’n’roll music. Take some stoner rock, a healthy dose of early grunge, a good measure of early Seventies proto-punk, and combine it together with lots of greasy motor oil, and you’re already there.

Böwlrider are stylists of the meanest kind. They know exactly what they do, and they do it well, except that they are maybe a few years late on this album. So it’s been recorded already in 2004 and probably has been released before in their native United Kingdom, but it’s probably not easy to convey the image of dirty bike rocker to the outside world when you live in a health resort in the South of England.

Apart from that geographical mishap, the four-piece works really hard on their stuff, and it shows. Their eleven own songs display a sense of feeling at home in badass rock’n’roll music, and their cover version of Mudhoney’s In ‘N’ Out Of Grace is a testimony to their musical roots. After these twelve tracks you can wait a little for an alternative take of their own song Powerful Medicine, but this hidden bonus doesn’t add anything to the overall impression. Big Röck Möuntain Highs is an adequate excursion into stoner rock’n’roll, but lacks the certain something to make it among the vital recordings of its kind.

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