BRAINSTORM - Downburst

Brainstorm - Downburst

10 songs
43:30 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Brainstorm, an essential asset to the German power metal scene, do no longer need introducing. In the last twenty years, the band has redefined genre standards, delivering with their seventh studio album Downburst exactly what their fans have been waiting for.

Anticipation was already that big in Europe that Brainstorm catapulted their excellent new single Fire Walk With Me to the top of the Hungarian pop charts. This song, as well as Protect Me From Myself and Redemption In Your Eyes, are the highlights of the album. Those three songs are among their harder material, and even if it didn’t happen on a conscious level, this is where they remind me a little of Nevermore. Brainstorm took care to add enough variety, so that there are also a few progressive and bombastic interspersed, and the occasional use of vocal distortion doesn’t disturb either. Only two songs disappoint as they just don’t rock enough. The half-ballad End In Sorrow has not enough tension, and the melodic Stained With Sin would have been expected rather from a band like Kiss.

The songs all share straight songwriting, which makes the album very accessible. The band’s technical abilities and the powerful production are perfect like always. Eventually the album could have been a little heavier, but Downburst is still much better than most albums that labels try to sell as power metal these days.

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