BRAINSTORM - Memorial Roots

Brainstorm - Memorial Roots

11 songs
54:40 minutes
***** *


I have never been a really big fan of German power metal legend, but in early 2008, their seventh studio album Downburst and their excellent single Fire Walk With Me still managed to set some positive accents. This made me optimistic about their eighth CD Memorial Roots, but unfortunately the disappointing parts prevail this time.

The album can’t be called a failure, and there is definitely talent at work in the band, but somehow they didn’t succeed in getting it all right on Memorial Roots. Brainstorm know the inner workings of melodic and power metal, but they forgot to add edginess into their songwriting. The vocals are firm and strong, the arrangements also leave a thought through impression, but that’s it already. Many songs are just too long, not really get to the point which takes the suspense out of the music. Furthermore the band is acting to harmlessly which should rather disturb their power metal than their melodic metal fans. Cross The Line is the only track where they are switching between aggressive and symphonic elements, a modus operandi that really works well with the band. Otherwise we encounter songs lacking hooks, thus preventing them from sticking with the audience.

Memorial Roots is not an album Brainstorm will be remembered for. They have to accept that they will be criticised for behaving too dryly, without any sense of humour and risk taking. The album will be too soft for many metalheads, and friends of regular rock music will hardly invest time into a band like Brainstorm with a solid metal reputation.

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