BREAK OF DAY - The Hangman’s Fracture

Break Of Day - The Hangman’s Fracture

12 songs
30:10 minutes
***** **


Break Of Day is a Belgian quintet which has devoted itself to melodic hardcore music. After a self-produced demo, The Hangman’s Fracture is their first official release on a label.

After the short intro, the first regular song No Solace immediately gives the wrong impression, as this track is considerably harder than the following material. This made me pigeonhole Break Of Day into the metalcore category, but apart from a few growls, the band shows itself rather civilised for most of the time. The songs are rarely longer than three minutes, the clear vocals and the neatly guitar arrangements add a lot of harmonies. Melodic punk influences abound, resulting in catchy songs that invite to sing along. Highlights are The Hobo Wears Prada and Once Upon A Time In The Dark. Break Of Day show parallels to The Offspring, although the Belgian eventually turn out to be quite harder, except for the quiet piano piece Father’s Day that you would rather have expected on a Ben Folds album.

The Hangman’s Fracture short running time of half an hour prevents the album to contain boring moments. Ten songs have been written especially for this CD, two of them are rerecorded versions of tracks that were already on the demo. Break Of Day will definitely not revolutionise the hardcore genre, as they use well known patterns and recipes, but they still deserve to be checked out by fans of the genre.

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