BREAMGOD - Breamgod

Breamgod - Breamgod

9 songs
25:35 minutes
***** **


This album started with a confusing story for me. Reading that one of the musicians was called Lauri Mäkelä, I thought that the former Miracle G(y)rlz member had turned his musical preferences from noisy indie rock to raw hardcore. But after some email changes, I received the information that this is quite a common name in Finland.

Breamgod have been formed in 1997 and they are the oldest Finish hardcore band still alive. So it is surprising that this self-titled record is only their debut. Breamgod started as a typical old school hardcore band, but over the years the music developed a metal touch. The songs however can't be classified as typical metalcore, but it's intense hardcore with enough moshable brutality. Their brutal approach can be compared to Integrity and Turmoil.

The album has mainly two kinds of songs. First of all, there are the fast and angry tracks are real smashers right in your face. Fine examples are That's What Friends Are For with cool bass lines, the extremely fast Hard Luck and Revenge Is Sweet, the most brutal track which ends the album. There's also a range of mid tempo tracks like the rhythmic 82 Days and Wolf Among The Sheep.

Not one single track fails and you hear that Breamgod are quite an experienced band. The only negative and disappointing fact is the lack of diversity concerning the growled vocals. If the band were to make an improvement in that way, the next album would become a hardcore milestone.

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