BRONX CASKET COMPANY - Sweet Home Transylvania

Bronx Casket Company - Sweet Home Transylvania

9 songs
56:42 minutes
***** ***

Sweet Home Transylvania is one of the funniest album titles I've ever heard, but I can assure you that The Bronx Casket Company has nothing in common with Lynnard Skinnard's Sweet Home Alabama. The Bronx Casket Company is an all star band consisting of D.D. Verni (bass / Overkill), Tim Mallare (drums / Overkill), Spy (vocals / ex-Misfits), Jack Frost (guitars / Savatage) and Charly Calv (keyboards / Shotgun Symphony). Finding a description for their style is not an easy task, but let's try a mixture of solid Rock, Doom and a bit of Gothic. The Bronx Casket Company are presenting themselves from many sides. The opener Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore is a real rocker, The Other Me is sounding more commercial and may be planned as a single edit. The title song is a proof that BCC also know how to groove. The excellent use of the keyboards is giving most songs a spooky touch. The result of all this is a quite unusual, but interesting album which is worth listening.

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