Bunny & The Electric Horsemen - Fall Apart In My Backyard

9 songs
39:58 minutes
***** **


Formerly playing guitar and keyboards in Aging Children, Scout Master General and Idiot Half Brother, all of them bands unknown to me, this musician from Glasgow decided it was time for a solo adventure under the name Bunny & The Electric Horsemen. I have been warned from the start that his debut album Fall Apart In My Backyard would sound more experimental than his previous band work, it’s still nice to see that Bunny has managed to successfully bridge the distance between strangeness and accessibility.

This is not strictly a solo work, as he recruited the help of some of his label mates like Serbian producer PNDC and the vocalists Eleni Adamopoulos (Magnitophono) from Greece and Manami N. from Berlin. Maybe it’s because I am familiar with some of PNDC’s work, but the two songs he collaborated on are my personal highlights on the album. Snowflakes builds up to a roaring indie anthem, and Chikyu Wa Mawaru is a playful J-pop item. This shouldn’t mean that the remaining material isn’t bad, it’s just that quite often the songs on Fall Apart In My Backyard need some time to get to the point, but with quite normal lengths, this is not truly a problem.

At times I feel reminded of the na´ve and innocent charm of Dan Deacon, although Bunny & The Electric Horsemen don’t achieve yet the same matter-of-fact coolness. But then it probably takes some time and experience to perfect this kind of genius.

It’s maybe a little disturbing that the point of the alternate mix of Chikyu Wa Mawaru seems to pad the album to a more regular running time of forty minutes, and in the end one could have wished for some more straightforward material, especially since that is what Bunny does best. PNDC acted a lot more “commercial” on his last album (Nothing In The Sky) with Housework, and it worked great. So let’s not give up the hope that after this already quite intriguing and certainly pleasant debut album Fall Apart In My Backyard, Bunny & The Electric Horsemen will be able to truly surprise us with his magnum opus.

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