BURDEN OF GRIEF - On Darker Trails

Burden Of Grief - On Darker Trails

9 songs
39:13 minutes
***** ***

Black winged skeleton standing in front of an old castle... I think weíre in for some death metal music. Yes, metal bands really love their clichťs, and the German band Burden Of Grief doesnít make an exception. But apart from that, nearly everything is great with their second album. Letís start first with the excellent production by Andy Classen. The sound is so heavy that even people who are not so much into metal anymore canít miss the unrestrained raw energy on this record. The songs themselves are also very powerful : Burden Of Grief are combining the low-tuned sound of death metal with the brutality of thrash, and add some fine melodies that make them sound neither old fashioned nor too modern. Itís just perfect death thrash, and I would have been tempted to give this album a really, really high rating, but thereís two little things I need to point out : 1. If you donít keep count on the intro, a short instrumental and the cover version, thereís only six own songs left that donít even add up to half an hour ; 2. The cover version of Metallicaís Master Of Puppets might be rather nice, but compared to the original, itís not really that good. In fact Burden Of Grief are best when they play their own fast, brutal and yet melodic stuff. Still I give this album 8 points, because what you get to hear is possibly the best death thrash you can get these days, not only in Germany, but worldwide.

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