THE BURNING - Reawakening

The Burning - Reawakening

12 songs
47:08 minutes
***** ***


It’s not even been a year since The Burning from Denmark released Storm The Walls, a respectable debut full of good deathcore but still lacking somewhat in the variety department. Despite the short interval, the band managed to get rid of that weakness on their new album Reawakening.

They still don’t really set new accents in their genre, but the overall result sounds already more thought through than on the debut. Most of the time, they play fast and brutal, with the evil screams and growls fitting perfectly. Mean breaks and melodic parts help to give the songs a more diverse appeal. Modern thrash metal may have left its traces in the songwriting. Especially the catchy Cloven Hoof and the steaming Live The Goat point out the Scandinavians’ progress. Even emo has found its way into the sound, which can best be heard on Carnivora and the slightly quieter Father They Call Me The Heretic. Another highlight is the crawling He Who Whispers In The Back Of Us All which once again demonstrates The Burning’s maturity process.

The Danes combine smartly tradition with modernity. The CD has a powerful sound and has become more diverse than their first album. Now they only need to work on higher originality, a goal they may set for the next record.

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