THE BURNING - Storm The Walls

The Burning - Storm The Walls

12 songs
34:05 minutes
***** **


That Denmark has more to offer than King Diamond and Artillery when it comes to metal is a well known fact. These last years, it were especially thrash bands like Illdisposed and HateSphere who wrote headlines, and maybe newcomers The Burning can join that movement.

The Burning play modern yet uncompromising thrash metal, reminding of current bands like the aforementioned HateSphere but also a little of The Haunted. The Burning don’t write yet as great songs, but from they come across just as brutally. Grooving like hell all the time, I would have wished for a little more variety. Some tracks, like the appealing Snakes Of Life, contain a few melodic passages, but there is just not enough to fill in for a dozen songs. The band is technically very versatile, but the spark doesn’t ignite always. The same can be said about the angry vocals that deliver well on hysteria and death metal growls, but lack new accents.

It is obvious that The Burning are trying hard to be aggressive, but similar music has been done better before by more popular bands. Fortunately the songs are all very compact which prevents boredom, despite a certain monotony. Storm The Walls is ok for a debut, but I will expect more for a sophomore effort.

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