BURNING FICTION - Don’t Lose Touch

Burning Fiction - Don’t Lose Touch

11 songs
28:03 minutes
***** ***


The five members of Burning Fiction all are from the Australian city Perth and gained experience in hardcore and ska bands in the past. Their new band was founded in 2005. Wanting to liberate themselves from their past, they decided to play from now on melodic punk rock, which doesn’t work not bad at all in their case. After an EP in 2007, Don’t Lose Touch is the band’s first longplayer.

Burning Fiction quote No Use For A Name and Lagwagon as their major influences, and I have to admit that the album opener Ode reminds instantly of the glory days during the mid-Nineties of that genre. This is a nice and catchy indie punk rock song that thanks to distorted guitars never sounds too tame. Especially the vocals, drawing sometimes parallels to Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin, are one of the band’s strengths. Burning Fiction are always best on their melodic tracks, with How Many Times being able to stand out from the rest. Some songs have turned out a little more commercial, which doesn’t disturb neither on the accessible Last To Leave nor on the record concluding Sense Of Worth. More heaviness can be heard on Walk Hard with discreet screamo parts. No matter if the band plays more relaxed or harder, their songs are always quite short and straight to the point.

You may only criticise the lack of own ideas and the possibly outdated status of their chosen genre, but the band’s unmistakeable enthusiasm lets you close your eyes to that fact, instead forces you to open your ears that much wider. Fans of melodic punk rock will get with Don’t Lose Touch the ideal soundtrack for the summer.

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