BURNING POINT - Feeding The Flames

Burning Point - Feeding The Flames

12 songs
50:26 minutes
***** **


Burning Point are from Finland and play melodic power metal. If I were mean, I would stop the review right here. In my opinion, they are just one more band of a seemingly unstopping flow of melodic metal bands. They released their review Salvation By Fire two years ago, and according to the reviews, it was something like a milestone of melodic metal. But then when have you really read a bad review? The successor Feeding The Flames is then by no means a bad album, it's just hard when you're not into that kind of music any more to do them justice. First listening, I felt reminded of Rainbow in their early Eighties incarnation, with a naturally Scandinavian blend. Therefore it shouldn't come as a surprise to find an Alcatrazz coverversion on the CD.

Another thing that makes this band stand apart is their love for rather short song structures, which prevents them getting lost in the music. Songs like the fast and short opener Into The Fire, the more mid-tempo and rocking Veil Of Secrecy and the anthemic Quicker Than The Eye prove that Burning Point are not too repetitive in their songwriting. True, not every song is as convincing as the aforementioned, but compared to the majority of old school metal newcomers, Burning Point stand out as something really refreshing.

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