BURNT BY THE SUN - Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution

Burnt By The Sun - Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution

10 songs
29:17 minutes
***** *****
Relapse / Suburban

I have been scanning the reviews section and noticed that not too many albums get 10 points out of 10. But then most bands, or all bands, are unlike Burnt By The Sun. It's hard to describe their style, because calling them emo core wouldn't do them justice. The music is as much cerebral as it is emotional, and the strength of the musicianship might be unparalleled in the genre... only Dillinger Escape Plan come close, but they are more jazz anyway.

So here we have Soundtrack For The Personal Revolution, and I haven't been that enthousiastic about an album since the demise of Refused. Intelligent politics combined with emotional screams and totally ingenious guitar playing, all fused together in songs that average somewhere below the 3-minute line, make this album into a short but concentrated outburst of pure genius. Just listen to Soundtrack To The Worst Movie Ever to get an impression of unbound energy and memorable rock chords. The lyrics are hazy, only the quotes introducing the songs give you a hint at the political side of the band, but who really cares? We can be happy that these guys still care about world politics without having to preach through their lyrics.

Anything less than 10 points would be an insult to this band. Now go and get their album, and visit their homepage.

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