BURY YOUR DEAD - Beauty And The Breakdown

Bury Your Dead - Beauty And The Breakdown

11 songs
34:00 minutes
***** **


Whoever said that metalcore bands can't have a tender part inside their hearts? New England moshcore band Bury Your Dead shows on its third album that they have been attentive little kids while in kindergarten, thus being able to name every song on their new album Beauty And The Breakdown after a fairy tale. Even the artwork plays along. But don't be afraid: this is anything but the beginning of extreme music's wimp-out. Instead Bury Your Dead combine metallic aggression with hardcorish brevity, delivering eleven songs that average three minutes each.

What they lack in originality is definitely made up by the tight production and the relentless ferocity of the songs. And even if some tracks, like the opener House Of Straw and The Poison Apple, present a more diverse sound, this good half hour is mostly comprised of no-holds-barred metalcore tailored for an age where nu-metal kids are looking for a more hard-edged music.

Fans of Shadows Fall, Slipknot and Hatebreed will certainly be attracted by Beauty And The Breakdown. You now only have to decide for yourself what counts more: originality or the conciseness by which Bury Your Dead tackle their songs. If you belong to the latter category, then this album is for you.

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