Buster Shuffle - Our Night Out

11 songs
28:42 minutes
***** ****
People Like You


Buster Shuffle are four British musicians describing their musical style as cockney ska. Their choice of instruments is rather unusual, as they play next to the more typical guitar and drums also the double bass and piano. The vocals are shared by two of the members although Jethro Baker is the head of the band as he is singing, playing the piano and writing the songs.

Their current album Our Night Out was actually released as their debut in 2009, but back then it was hardly noticed. People Like You Records give it now a second chance and added two bonus tracks for the deluxe edition. The record starts with a strange spoken word intro that reminds of Monty Python. This is followed by the rousing title track, where especially the vocals and the piano stand to attention, drawing parallels to Madness. There are plenty more strong moments on this album though. Me, Myself And I is a regular summer hit that is full of sunshine. At The Bank is a quiet piece that instead of boring actually enchants by its determination. Occasional reggae moments as on America also work great for the band. Even the soulful Maneater makes it without any problems over the rounds. Finally there are the excellent more rocking tracks I’m Into You and Thirty Eight.

This debut has mesmerised me all over. Nowadays there are a lot of generic ska bands, but Buster Shuffle have proven that it is absolutely possible to successfully merge this genre with pop, rock’n’roll and many other different ingredients. Those who like to dance to Madness, The Clash, The Specials and Sublime will definitely fall in love with Buster Shuffle. London definitely has a new attraction that should be put into every self-respecting tourist guide. Had the band been encouraged to add another quarter hour of music, I would have been tempted to give the maximum rating.

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