BUTCH & JEAN - First "Sign" Of Life On Mars

Butch & Jean - First "Sign" Of Life On Mars

8 songs
17:40 minutes


This is an advance of the fourth CD by Butch & Jean and now they hope to get finally a real record deal. Even if their songs are musically to mellow for my metal ears, the humorous aspect about this two-piece is still very amusing. The opener Love Is Like Math is very funny, while the short Quit Smokin' is so disgusting that it made me laugh out loud and roll on the floor. The album title about life on Mars is about a contemporary theme, and even if the music is much inspired by soft tunes from the Fifties, the lyrics are about modern topics. On Chat Room, they are making fun about the Internet mania. Then there's a song about space cakes (High From Amsterdam). There are two more spoken words tracks about two maledictions (Quit Drinkin', Quit Gamblin') and the last track is about a Russian president who doesn't want to quit (Still Putin). Personally I prefer the humorous spoken word parts to the real songs and hope that this friendly two-piece will continue in the future the way they started about 5 years ago.

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