BUTCH & JEAN - Platinumb

Butch & Jean - Platinumb

21 songs
34:25 minutes


The third CD by Butch & Jean is less story, but more song orientated than what they have done before. Another change is that the dialogs have been written together. Concerning music, Butch was responsible for the entire drum playing while Jean was playing guitar, piano, organ and keyboard. Both musicians sang before they could talk and rocked before they could walk, that's what their homepage says. So they are covering songs by their idols such as Lou Reed and especially The Beatles. Butch & Jean have changed the song in a way which makes them hardly recognisable. Because of the synthetic keyboard sound, I see parallels to the Moog Cookbook who were also covering rock and grunge classics in synthie versions. The songs on this third CD are less amusing than what they did before. Green Onions (originally by Booker T) however underlines that both musicians have a bluesy background.

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