BUTCH & JEAN - Whatamelon Sunrise

Butch & Jean - Whatamelon Sunrise

34 songs
67:21 minutes


The next two audio vacations by Butch & Jean bring a comeback of such well known Shuteye inhabitants as Uncle Cuz, Cousin Ike or Ms. Cantouchet. Butch & Jean are using more or less the same pattern as on their debut to tell you more about their imaginative hometown, Shuteye Tennessee. Subjects on the third vacation are family affairs and mules. The music again is very slow and piano based, but sometimes there are more saloon and boogie woogie elements. Highlight of the fourth audio vacation is Rasslin', a song about the Shuteye wrestling championship tournament. If you are interested to learn more about the weird people and animals of Shuteye, the second album by Butch & Jean surely will entertain you. You just have to take the time to listen to their stories. But the album surely isn't suitable to be listened to en passant because the voices will surely distract you from your other occupation.

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