CAEDERE - Clones Of Industry

Caedere - Clones Of Industry

8 songs
38:01 minutes
***** **


Caedere is the Latin word for modern, a fitting name for this brutal metal band from the Netherlands. Starting in the late Nineties, they released their debut Mass Emission in 2003, taking six more years to come up with their follow-up.

Their second longplayer Clones Of Industry is one of the meanest albums I have heard in a long time. The band plays extremely fast and incredibly raw, and tops this with grunt vocals as we are used from the grindcore genre. At first this may seem as if a bunch of musicians just puts their frustrations into music, Caedere make clear that they can surprise with complex parts from time to time. Especially Reincarnation Of A Soul comes with such complicated structures that it may pass as some kind of progressive metal. Even when they restrain their pace, as on Scorn, they never let go of their brutality. Caedere are strongly inspired by the American death metal sound, with Cannibal Corpse and Brutal Truth being two bands coming to mind. The songwriting is quite elaborated, the songs all contain plenty of breaks. One might accuse the band of having recorded a too short album of not even forty minutes, but when it’s over, you’ll be glad to be able to catch your breath again.

If you like your metal really uncompromisingly fast, Caedere are just the band for you. Their skills are really quite impressive, even if they haven’t achieved the cult status of the aforementioned artists. This doesn’t change the fact that Clones Of Industry is a solid offering that should give them credibility in the extreme metal community.

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